Q&A with Young Cardinal, SDG’s Newest Talent Sourcer

“It’s very interesting to speak with folks about how they found the world of IT and why they’re passionate about it!”

What do you like most about your job?

What I love most about my job is learning about each individual candidate’s background. Rarely do you see a linear path into the IT world, with a great deal of people exploring other career fields first. It’s very interesting to speak with folks about how they found the world of IT and why they’re passionate about it. 

Is there something else you would be doing in your career if you weren’t recruiting? 

Sports Broadcasting! I was a lector at my Church growing up, reading the Scripture every Sunday, as I love public speaking and sports! I love thinking on my feet, moving fast with action and some side commentary! I remember important sports history through the voices of commentators (ex. “Keenum, steps into it, pass is caught! DIGGS! Sideline! Touchdown, unbelievable! Vikings win it!”) 

How has recruiting changed due to the pandemic?

Prior to the pandemic, recruiters would meet candidates in-person before moving them on in a company’s interview process. I had experience in this, taking candidates to lunch/coffee and getting to know them in-person. However, with the pandemic, much of recruiting has now gone virtual, where recruiters will meet with candidates over a video call. It has saved on travel time, yet there are a lot of character traits one misses out on by not meeting in-person. 

Tell me about your family:

I grew up in a home with eight people in it! Five siblings, parents & I all shared a space under one roof. I always had someone to play/interact with, and never really had any privacy, but I loved it! We all play sports and are very involved in our Church, St. Jerome, in Maplewood. I’m the 2nd oldest of us 6, and my older sister got married last October and is expecting her first child in July! 

What reminds you most of college? Or something that everyone from that college would have in common or know about?

Johnnie Bread! Some Monks in our Abbey at St. John’s University make the best bread you’ve ever tasted – I get some every year and put on butter, jam & Nutella. Ask any Johnnie what the best bread is and they’ll shout it from the mountaintops that it’s the best! Throughout my years at college, our dorms/floors would get together once a month to share Johnnie bread and to reconnect/have a get-together. I’ll buy some to send to some of my buddies for a gift here-and-there!

Do you follow any sports teams?

I follow the Vikings vehemently – I go to 3-4 games a year and follow team news throughout the offseason. With the Twins, Timberwolves & Wild, I will watch them when I have time, and do make it to at least two Timberwolves/Wild games a year, and go to many Twins games (~10). I also follow Gopher Football intently, as well, going to at least one game/year. I still haven’t lost faith in any team, however, no matter how many times my heart is broken. 

What’s your favorite season and why?

My favorite season is Spring! With the melting snow, finally able to go outside in short sleeves/shorts, and play baseball, what’s not to like! Coincidentally my birthday is in April, that always helped growing up, not so much now (I’d like to stay ‘my name’ as long as possible 😉 ). 

Are there any friendly rivalries in your house?

While I followed my older sister up to St. John’s/St. Ben’s, our parents both graduated from St. Thomas! While there are unfortunately no more Johnnie/Tommie Football games, there still is banter every time either sports team is discussed/comes up in the news! 

If you could invent anything, what would it be?

A lower-cost desalination plant near an ocean to be able to provide drinkable water from oceanic saltwater. As climate change surges forward, this will be one of the most important pieces of machinery to humanity. If anyone has any ideas, let me know! I have some chemistry background and would love to throw on the goggles again! 

Tell me about your pets:

I have one cat named Takeoff who I got in the middle of the pandemic. He’s a black, domestic shorthair cat who loves being outside & taking walks with me. I named him Takeoff due to the late musician, as well as his burst of energy when I met him as a kitten! He has “taken care of” mice before in some of my siblings & friends’ homes, and gets rid of most bugs! He’s never bitten anyone though, and I’m so proud of him!  

Tell us about a unique place you’ve lived or traveled; what about the culture/experience stood out?

When I was in college I traveled on a Medical Brigade to Honduras, where the level of poverty was astounding. It was a very modest culture, and generous! They welcomed our student group with open arms and helped us on the projects we were working on – such as running a medical clinic, dentistry, eye clinic, and pharmacy! They had little in way of regulation on their foods, as their snacks were extremely salty! It would rain heavily for 3 hours every night, right on schedule, and end abruptly. While visiting the capital, we required armed security/police as we arrived/left. I’d love to go back there again and help as much as I could. 

Young Cardinal

Young Cardinal

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