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sdg consultants define our organization's technology DNA annually on a lifecycle ranging from investigate to retire, helping customers understand our strengths, career seekers discover opportunities, and employees guide their professional development.

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sdg's dna

decoding an evolving lifecycle

Created by sdg's consultants, the DNA is a snapshot of technology adoption within the enterprise. The lifecycle helps guide professional development at sdg and allows customers to compare their current and planned technology mix to the market at-large. We call that a win-win.


Will adoption of these technologies grow and prosper or disappear completely? While these options make popular blog topics, they're not yet ready for the enterprise. Look to the Prototype or Use categories when starting a new project.


These options have a substantial following with solid use cases in the wild. The user community is vibrant and growing. While not clear victors of their respective domains, these technologies offer a lot of reward for limited risk.


Tested and proven technologies that are the bread and butter of leading enterprise technology ecologies. Expect high adoption, good documentation, and a breadth of support. Have no fear in using these technologies when starting a new software project.


Former champions of the industry that have been toppled by more modern and capable options. In current applications, value is limited in replacing them, continue to maintain and extend. For a new green field project, choose technologies from Prototype or Use.


Welcome to the end of the road. Commonly these technologies constrain or block future progress due to their limitations in compatibility, extensibility, security, and support. Thoughtful consideration is recommended before extending their use.

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*updated spring 2020


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