BI Strategy For an Entrepreneurial & Innovative Health and Fitness Club


As an entrepreneurial and innovative health and fitness club, our client has made several acquisitions over the years, including food, nutrition, childcare and spa services. Although these new business opportunities are at the core of their success, the mixed portfolio of systems made it difficult to integrate information. Since each employee requests different sets of data, our client needed an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) that linked information together in a useful way.

Business analysts at sdg assisted our client by:

  • Planning, designing, and implementing the BI vision
  • Creating and maintaining the EDW data model
  • Establishing a metadata framework
  • Integrating incentives at the business level
  • Simplifying common dimensions in the EDW
  • Building the architectural design for a centralized portal
  • Collaborating and sharing business units


After assessing the capabilities of the existing EDW from a Business Intelligence (BI) standpoint, sdg consultants discovered a way to meet the needs of our client. The EDW can serve as a data repository for past and current information. By using this common repository, several queries from different perspectives can be answered and supported. The EDW provides insight on business opportunities, ultimately helping our client make better decisions for their company. One of the most beneficial features of the new system is its ability to track the activities of each member. By capturing specific interests, a personal profile can be produced, allowing a more engaged and enriched experience for health and fitness club members. As a club that is passionate about its members, this feature helps our client build personal and long-lasting relationships. Today our client is able to request member-specific data and verify revenue goals through their new EDW, allowing better business decisions and leadership in the Health and Fitness industry.

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