Data Warehouse for Dental Supply Distributor


Our client is a leading distributor of dental services, supplies and technologies throughout North America. To keep up with the growing demand in the industry, our client needed a way to enhance their website and improve their ordering system for customers. With the project management and team leadership of sdg employees, our client’s goals were met with a new Operational Data Store (ODS) and Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW).


sdg consultants installed an ETL system to pull data and sales information from the original Operational Support System (OSS). The ETL transforms and loads this information into an ODS where everything a customer has purchased in the past is stored. Another ETL system was then implemented to link the ODS to the new data warehouse. The data warehouse breaks the information down even further based on what the customer is actually looking for. To put it simply, these systems work together to allow a customer to view previous purchases, and any complementary products that may be of interest, whenever they enter our client’s website.

sdg consultants served our client in the following roles:

  • Underlying ETL architecture
  • Best Practices and Standards
  • Data Modeling
  • Development Methodology and Approach + Project Management
  • Team Leadership

The new 400 GB EDW has sales history of more than 400 million rows, giving our client a significant competitive advantage in the Dental Industry.

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