Liferay Responsive Patient Healthcare Portal


As one of the top healthcare systems in the United States, our customer wanted to provide a healthcare experience that presented individualized health solutions to consumers using their own health information. They wanted customers to have online access to personal health information, diagnosis, and treatment 24 hours a day, from any network-connected device, with the ability to communicate with providers, order prescriptions and medical equipment, and have support for any health and medical needs. MyChart, the existing Personal Health Record (PHR) system provided by EPIC, used a 2 year release cycle and did not provide the features our customer wanted to provide to patients. The experience was dated, confused users, and did not display properly on tablets and mobile devices. Integration with other services and partners was limited, and the application did not match the quality or experience that our customer provides to patients.

Our customer envisioned a system that offered:

  • Gateway to virtual care services and relationship management
  • Intuitive interface accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Personalized informed care solutions to customers
  • Single sign-on that integrates services from multiple systems, providers and partners
  • Online registration for new customers
  • Direct patient scheduling
  • Additional applications and services that could be integrated on different timelines


sdg was engaged to create a new patient portal using Liferay, advise and implement a natural user experience with a responsive design, and guide the software development using common Agile practices. The project included the challenge of integrating with multiple systems that provide limited access to PHR data. sdg guided the complete Liferay portal software development from requirements gathering through implementation. We directed the user interface and experience design, managed development and system configuration, coordinated deployment, and implemented mature software development practices including coding practices, continuous integration, and configuration management. The new portal uses an adaptive design and user flows, including experiences optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop users. Navigation was streamlined to provide an intuitive experience to users from varying backgrounds, hiding complex and confusing business models from customers.

Benefits of the new system include:

  • Self-registration of new customers
  • Single entry point and sign-in for patients
  • Infrastructure for managing customer identities
  • A premier experience for the customer optimized for the device they are using
  • Plugin architecture enabling addition and incremental enhancement of services
  • Ability to leap competition with a faster time-to-market than EHR system provided options

sdg consultants served our customer in the following roles:

  • Agile project delivery and management
  • Fully responsive user experience design
  • Application architecture and development
  • Business analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Partnering and mentoring in project delivery, business analysis, software development, and quality assurance

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