A Portal Framework for Higher Education


Online universities are dependent on the web for program delivery and navigation of campus life. Offering all of their courses online, our client needed a way to connect their learning management system (LMS) with other academic resources in their PeopleSoft ERP system. Although the ERP system was useful, an upgraded version was necessary to meet our client’s future needs as an online university.

Our client envisioned a system that was:

  • Personalized and user-friendly
  • Easy to integrate with existing technologies
  • Flexible, reliable and state-of-the-art
  • Supportive of academic progress


After analyzing over 40 different objectives, the sdg team customized a solution that met and exceeded the vision of our client. Recognizing the need for efficiency, speed and reliability, sdg recommended Liferay, a Java portal framework, as the university’s new platform. In addition, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) layer was added to connect existing systems and allow data to flow freely between them.

Benefits of the new system included:

  • Upgraded personal and professional networking features
  • On-demand access to information
  • Easy navigation between platforms
  • Enhanced interface and virtual university experience
  • Group functionality

sdg consultants served our client in the following roles:

  • Strategic alignment
  • Program planning and project delivery
  • Infrastructure and tool selection
  • User experience design
  • Application development and integration architecture
  • Off-shore quality assurance management

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