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A global business travel management specialist with services that include travel management, traveler care, and meetings and events had a portal that served over two million active travelers and travel arrangers. Implemented seven years prior using Liferay Community Edition and hosted by an outside vendor using the vendor’s Identity Management System (IDM), it was time for an update. The current portal was significantly limited in its ability to customize and personalize content for customers with contextually relevant information. Even minor changes were expensive and time consuming. The vendor relationship felt cumbersome, and our customer desired more control and needed a more responsive development environment that could address their future vision and make their customers happier. It was time to explore options to create a new portal experience that would be more cost-effective and easier to maintain. They partnered with sdg to provide the best information possible to make sound decisions about their portal.



they envisioned a system that would:


• Allow them to help both customize and personalize content

• Bring more control in-house versus having to use another company for updates

• A portal that would have one easy login

• Provide a world-class experience for travelers and bookers

• Integrate 16 languages


The old environment made it very expensive and slow to update content and add new features. Part of this was due to the lack of internal control but architectural decisions also contributed to constrain our customers’ ability to respond to market needs and improve their offering. In response to those needs, sdg’s proposed approach adopted an architecture to simplify changes, reduce long-term maintenance costs and deliver a more consistent branded experience while still allowing customization. The new portal is based on Liferay DXP for its proven ability to integrate data from diverse sources, fine-grained permissions, organizational hierarchy and flexible templating.



the solution sdg developed:


• Manages the client/sub unit hierarchy with organizations and site templates

• Enables rapid deployment of content and functional changes across all sites

• Allows selective propagation of content by a client to their sub units

• Customizes content and functionality through roles and permissions for both the sub unit and individuals

• Custom portlets to integrate with trip and hotel data sources


Our customer now hosts Liferay DXP internally, integrating it with data from a variety of sources. This single Liferay environment serves over 140,000 websites in 16 languages. Our customer has also launched a second brand, on the same environment on a second virtual instance, leveraging much of the custom code and infrastructure. They continue to strive to help their customers lower travel costs and help make the art of travel and travel booking easier for their clients.



sdg consultants partnered with the customer in the following roles:


• Agile project delivery and management

• Solution architecture

• Business analysis

• Enterprise architecture

• Application development

• Infrastructure/DevOps support

• Documentation and training

technologies used

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