AWS: API Gateway

Modern applications are all about delivering fast and reliable web experiences coupled with enough flexibility to change as the business changes. They need to be adaptable as the business changes and serverless technology like API Gateway can help bring that flexibility to your modern applications. 

Often times legacy applications can not handle the speed at which the business changes and that demand creates backlogs on IT. Modernizing legacy applications with a serverless approach which has an API-driven approach creates the flexibility to deliver better experiences. 


Why Use API Gateway 

AWS API Gateway opens functionality to connect to various systems and implement secure connections for applications to access data, business logic, and/or functionality from enterprise-backed services. We can create RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs that enable real-time two-way communication with applications. 

Benefits of using API Gateway


Efficiencies Performance Cost savings
Iterate, Test, and release new versions which allow you to upgrade at your own pace and only pay for what you use.

Lowest possible latencies for API requests to ensure SLAs are met

The tiered pricing model for API requests lowers costs as usage increases
Simplify Architecture Security Dashboards
Create Restful APIs using HTTP APIs or REST APIs or build real-time two-way communication applications. With AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) you can authorize your access to your APIS Use the AWS API Dashboard to monitor performance metrics and Information on API calls.