Artificial Intelligence

Prepare your business for the world’s most transformative technology
Let's talk AI

Understand the AI technology landscape, determine business opportunities, and outline

a strategy tailored for your business, market, data, and goals.

AI readiness

AI is here. Are you ready?

Large language models (LLMs), generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs), and other AI tech represent the most significant digital trend in decades.

In an AI engagement with SDG, business and technology leaders explore how these new technologies can address your unique business challenges.

  • Improve your operations and effectiveness.
  • Enhance your digital products.
  • Create new experiences for your customers.
  • Use your business content to generate new insights.
  • Optimize your processes, data, and systems for future possibilities.

Partnering for AI innovation

In a focused AI consulting engagement, you’ll collaborate with SDG’s AI specialists to:

AI Assessment

Assess your readiness.

Identify data sources, examine infrastructure, identify gaps, and assess your team’s readiness.

AI Strategy

Define your strategy.

Understand the business. Then, express the value of AI for your business and build a roadmap of opportunities to improve internal operations and enhance your digital products and experiences.

AI Technology

Explore the technology.

Evaluate applicable AI technology, test your data sources, and even build a rough proof-of-concept of high-potential ideas.

AI Change Management

Prepare for change.

Build your knowledge, align your team, identify ethical considerations, and learn the skills and steps necessary for your organization to adopt this transformational technology.

Savvy AI consultants

SDG’s team of AI professionals includes experienced data scientists and cloud architects, who work in conjuction with strategists, designers, and facilitators to develop your AI strategy.

Advanced education
Our AI consultants include professionals with Ph.D & MS-level education in computer science, combinatorics, machine learning, and data science.
Experience at scale

Our data scientists have experience working with major private institutions in the United States and Europe and the U.S. federal government.

Tackling complexity

Our AI consultants embrace multi-level challenges to distill impactful outcomes. Such projects have included:

  • Modeling elastic pricing to inform financial models
  • Data analysis for public policy
  • NLP algorithms and large language models for finance

AI Insights

Using AI at home

Using AI at home

Curious about the secrets behind running AI at home? Join the podcasters as they unravel the essentials and share tips for a seamless AI-powered home experience.

Generative AI

Generative AI

Join the podcasters as they explore Generative AI, where machines create, compose, and design in ways that mimic human creativity. They discuss its evolution, applications, and the profound impact it can and will have on various industries.

AI Copyright Conundrum

AI Copyright Conundrum

How will the future of AI affect copyright licensing? The podcasters discuss this conundrum as it pertains to intellectual property, movies, athletes & more!