Defining Our Own Technology Map

Written by Jon Helmberger
on July 24, 2019

Introducting the Tech DNA

Based on our experience, sdg’s consultant-led learning communities gather each year to define our organization’s technology DNA.

Synthesized from Experience

Our DNA is a reflection on our ecosystem –what people are doing in the modern enterprise today. It isn’t a prediction on where we think the industry is going, it is reporting. It is what we are seeing first hand using our eyes and ears. While being helpful to our customers, this DNA is also helpful for us.


We use sdg’s technology DNA…

  • to help our consultants understand industry trends
  • to help guide professional development
  • to help our customers understand our strengths
  • to help candidates understand the type of services we focus on
  • to offer an authentic view of what technologies are used within the enterprise today


Consultant Led

The best way for us to define our DNA is to have many of our consultants contribute to the discussion. Each of our consultants has different talents, experiences and opinions. The more input we get, the more accurate our DNA reflects the current market and the skills we’re focused on. We’ve always felt that transparency is key, and this is one way to test ideas and opinions and share them with others.


To facilitate this process, consultants break into smaller groups based on areas of expertise, then evaluate technologies and merge the results. The smaller groups allow us to focus in specific families of technologies which serve to solve similar problems ensuring we can make the best decisions without bringing our sleeping bags to the meeting.


In Use

Over the years, we’ve found that the sdg DNA is used more often than we ever thought. The sdg technology DNA is a conversation starter, a way to learn more, a basis for comparison, and a solid guide to professional development. We had a hunch that defining our DNA would become an important piece in defining our path internally as well as helping determine the best solutions for our customers.

Image courtesy of Unsplash.