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Recognition at SDG

At SDG, recognition and showing appreciation for each other has always been a natural part of our culture. To give proper kudos when they are due, we have a number of different recognition programs that are designed to show appreciation to employees that go above and beyond.  

Giving power to our employees has been the driving force behind our most successful recognition program, the High-Five. This highly utilized program allows employees to gift up to $50/month to their peers, to be used at their discretion.  Our employees have the ability to say thank you whenever, and to whomever, they want to. And they do so, frequently!   

We have a couple of quarterly awards, designed to recognize individuals who have done something to enhance either the experience of fellow SDG employees or our customers.   

The Ambassador Award recognizes those that embody and uphold our culture. Maybe they are a leader out on Slack, or they set up lunches and happy hours to connect with other employees. These are just a few ways our employees contribute to the culture. This award is one way to say thank you to those employees that continue to make SDG a better place to work.  

We also have a quarterly award dedicated to employees that go above and beyond for our customers. Through the Frankie Award, we can say thank you to individuals who have done so much for our customers.


And last but not least, we have an award that encompasses it all, our SDG Award! This is an annual award that recognizes those individuals who have done it all throughout the year. They have been an amazing employee dedicated to contributing to our culture as well as going above and beyond for our customers. To say thank you, we want them to take a little vacation or spoil themselves on something that is a bigger ticket item. It’s our way to say ‘thank you’ for all the hard work throughout the year. 

Recognition is an important part of any company culture and is something we strongly believe in at SDG. We are immensely proud of SDG’s culture and the work we do with our clients and these programs are one way we show our appreciation anyone that makes SDG an amazing place to work, and work with.