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New York University serves over 53,000 graduate and undergraduate students across a global network of campuses and satellite locations. Entering a phase of growth and expansion, NYU is focusing on its global reach and student base, as well as growing its shared services to support students, faculty and staff. As a world-class institution, NYU aspires for an equally-classed digital experience. NYU re-evaluated the user experience of their existing portal, identifying successes as well as areas needing further attention and support. This introspection revealed significant limitations with the original university-centric, static approach. NYU envisioned a portal that could intelligently present a custom-tailored experience to each user.

NYU envisioned a system that would:

  • Curate a unique experience for each user based on their roles, needs, activity, location and preferences.
  • Feature a modern, responsive design across mobile phones, tablets and browsers.
  • Integrate with and provide aggregated notifications from numerous student, staff and faculty services.
  • Foster connections between people across the university.
  • Remain highly available and highly performant for a global audience.
  • Be flexible and extendable to maximize the speed-to-market for further development.




Based on our extensive Liferay experience as well as our commitment to Academia, sdg was engaged to assist in the refinement and implementation of this vision. sdg provided guidance throughout the assessment and planning phase, gathered requirements, partnered with NYU to refine the user experience vision, and offered enterprise architecture and technology recommendations. sdg guided the complete software development process through implementation, beginning with a robust algorithm to determine the relative “hotness” of content and functionality for each user based upon that individual’s history of interactions. Additionally, sdg oversaw system development and configuration, coordinated deployments, and implemented mature product management and software development practices. The new NYU portal received a great reception at launch, exceeding expectations from the original vision. Going forward, NYU Global Home is positioned to support the current needs of the university, and allows the flexibility to create and differentiate experiences to meet the changing needs of faculty, staff and applicants, as well as individual schools and programs.

sdg consultants partnered with NYU in the following roles:

  • Agile project delivery and management
  • Business analysis
  • Enterprise architecture and application development
  • Fully responsive user experience development
  • Consultation on long-term product management and operational strategies
  • Documentation and training

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