Driving value for all

Building digital products that miss the mark is costly. Engaging users and customers to understand their needs produces a concept that achieves desired business outcomes. 


Idea to concept

To build the right digital product you need a process to go from ideation to concept. By balancing business objectives with the needs of your users and customers we can ensure that everyone’s needs are being met with the new solution.

Producing and validating concepts before building will yield a better product while reducing investments and time to market. 


  • Product leadership
  • Experience design
  • Design systems
  • Prototype development
  • Cloud architecture
  • Artificial intelligence


Featured Services

AI Innovation

SDG’s Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services help businesses to understand the AI technology landscape, determine business opportunities, and outline a strategy tailored for their business, market, data, and goals.

Guided Innovation

Move your team from opportunity 
to action in mere weeks with a tightly-structured focus on product strategy, alignment and momentum. SDG’s strategists and designers will guide your team through collaborative sessions to understand your market, articulate opportunities, and generate hypotheses for promising solutions.